The Messengers - An Art Exhibition by Lacy Martin
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The Messengers - An Art Exhibition by Lacy Martin

Inspired by a necessary transition, The Messengers evolved from a yearning for a sense of tranquility and stillness in my life. I felt there was a deeper, slower way to live and the life I was living was in deep conflict with what my heart needed.

In this transition I found I was intuitively pulled into nature with birds, specifically owls, presenting themselves while out walking or in every part of my life. I began to study their calls, their mannerisms and how they fly. As an artist, I paint what I desire to integrate and I was drawn to owls and the more I painted, the deeper I felt connected to them. When I feel connected to any part of nature, I feel as if “All as one” makes total sense because I experience their traits as my own and embody their power
and instinct.

Nature has a way of constantly speaking to us in the most gentle and nurturing manner. Animals and plants will present themselves with a certain energy and persistence to help us wake up to ourselves & I believe birds were my wake up song!

This body of work feels a part of me as it does to the nature of the owl. Their beauty, elegance and power are represented in a unique flow, contrast and composition. A visual juxtaposition that keeps you curious about their beauty and spirit.

All work will be for sale. 20% of all sales will go to the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center

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